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Maccabees Update: Google Confirms New Core Algorithm Change

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Maccabees Update: Google Confirms New Core Algorithm Change

In true Google fashion once again there has been a change to their Core Algorithm. Some affiliate marketers have noticed the change while others have been little effected by it. The article here explains different variations of why this is happening. Using different linking techniques has left some vulnerable to generating less traffic while others are seeing the opposite effect. Though it is likely these changes will be seen in listing ranks for most others may in fact find a better ranking in accordance to this change and the content their site provides.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recently, Google confirmed that they’ve made several small changes to their core algorithm.
  • Google often makes minor changes to their search algorithm, which are barely noticed by users.
  • Google’s core algorithm changes are not formally named, so instead they are referred to as Fred.

“Today we received confirmation from a Google spokesperson that “several minor changes” were made to the core algorithm this month.”

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