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Mobilegeddon: A Complete Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

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Mobilegeddon: A Complete Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Mobilegeddon is a name that was adopted by many during the time Google started their updates to provide more user friendly mobile experiences. It has been said the transition was to provide a more user friendly experience and determined by some to be tied into the way Google makes money from paid adverts. This transition did in fact provide a more useful look for consumers while at the same time creating platform that for many was even easier to market their content.

Key Takeaways:

  • In 2015 Google rolled out a change to mobile friendly algorithms, but it didn’t affect users drastically
  • A year later in 2016 Google gave a second ranking boost to mobile pages but ample time to prepare
  • Soon Google will roll out a new mobile indexing initiative and if you aren’t mobile-friendly you will be in trouble

“This update provided no gray area. Your pages were either mobile-friendly, or they weren’t. There was no in-between.”

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