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Navigating the LOCAL SEO Landscape: 10 Top Tips for Kent-based Businesses

Navigating the LOCAL SEO Landscape

Local Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as Local SEO, plays a significant role in online marketing by enhancing the visibility of businesses in local search engine results. This aspect is especially crucial for Kent-based businesses aiming to attract customers from their community. The fundamental objective of SEO is to ensure that your business appears prominently when individuals in Kent search for the products or services you offer.

In this modern era, a significant number of customers rely on internet searches to discover local businesses and services. Hence, establishing a local presence can make a substantial difference in driving foot traffic and ultimately boosting sales. Whether someone is looking for a café in Canterbury, a boutique in Tunbridge Wells, or a reliable solicitor in Maidstone, Local SEO empowers your business to outshine competitors.

Furthermore, Local SEO transcends merely appearing in search results; it also entails providing customers with information precisely when they need it. This includes details such as your business hours, location, contact information, and even customer reviews.

In the following sections, we will examine ten tips specifically tailored for Kent-based businesses seeking to navigate the intricacies of Local SEO provided by experts in Local SEO.

1 – Keeping Your Google Business Profile Updated

For businesses in Kent, maintaining an up-to-date Google Business Profile (GBP) is critical for staying relevant and accessible to local customers. Regular updates ensure that when potential customers search for services or products you offer, they find accurate information. This includes updating your business hours, especially around bank holidays and festivals like the Hop Festival in Faversham or Canterbury Festival, to avoid any confusion for customers planning visits.

Also, seasonal changes in services or products, such as special winter offerings in Tunbridge Wells or summer activities in Margate, should be reflected promptly on your GBP. Additionally, updating photos regularly can showcase your business’s involvement in local events or changes in décor or stock that align with the seasons or local Kentish trends.

Engaging promptly with customer reviews, whether from residents or visitors enjoying Kent’s attractions, not only boosts your reputation but also signals to Google that your business is active and customer-focused.

This engagement and posting news or offers relevant to Kent locals, like special discounts for the Whitstable Oyster Festival or unique services for the Chatham Historic Dockyard’s events, can significantly enhance your GBP’s effectiveness.

By keeping your GBP updated and reflective of your current operations, offerings, and community engagement in Kent, you ensure your business is presented as a reliable and active member of the local ecosystem. Thereby inviting more customers to explore what you have to offer.

2 – Get Listed in Local Business Directories

Kent businesses should prioritise inclusion in county-specific directories such as Kent Business Directory, Visit Kent, and Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce. Being listed in these directories not only improves local visibility but also provides authoritative backlinks to your website. Ensure your business details are accurate and fully optimised with local keywords like the town or services you offer in Kent, enhancing local SEO efforts.

3 – Use Local Keywords

Including local keywords is a pivotal strategy for Kent-based businesses aiming to boost their Local SEO and connect more effectively with the local community. By incorporating terms specific to Kent, such as “best coffee shop in Canterbury” or “Margate beachfront accommodation”, businesses can significantly improve their visibility to potential customers searching for local services or products.

Identifying Local Keywords

Start by researching keywords that are relevant to your business and specific to Kent. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to identify popular search terms that include Kent locations or landmarks. Consider the language and phrases locals might use. For example, someone in Kent might search for “afternoon tea in Tunbridge Wells” or “wedding venues in Kent.” It’s also useful to analyse what keywords local competitors are targeting and ranking for to identify gaps in your own strategy.

Incorporating Keywords into Your Website

Incorporate these local keywords strategically across your website, including in page titles, meta descriptions, headers, and within the content itself. Creating location-specific landing pages can also be beneficial, especially if your business serves multiple areas within Kent. For instance, a landscaping business might have separate pages for services in “Maidstone,” “Ashford,” and “Sevenoaks,” each optimised with local keywords relevant to those areas.

4 – Engage with Social Media

To effectively utilise media in Kent, businesses should customise their strategies to showcase the local culture, events and interests. This entails creating content that connects with the Kent community, such as featuring your involvement in events like the Broadstairs Folk Week or the Canterbury Festival. Engage with hashtags like #KentLife or #VisitKent to enhance your visibility within the region.

Additionally, utilise social media platforms to highlight any oriented services or products you offer while emphasising how they cater to the needs and preferences of the Kent community. This localised approach will help establish a connection with your audience, making your social media presence more relevant and engaging for those residing in Kent.

5 – Reach Out to Local Media

Engage with Kent-specific media outlets such as Kent Online, Kent Messenger, and the Kent and Sussex Courier. Offering stories or news about your business that tie into local interests or events can attract valuable coverage. Whether sponsoring a local event, launching a new product, or contributing to community initiatives, local media can provide a platform for exposure and backlinks from reputable Kent-focused publications.

6 – Host or Sponsor Local Events

Organising or sponsoring events in Kent, such as community fairs, sports tournaments, or charity fundraisers, can draw attention from local media and community blogs. This strategy not only boosts your business’s local profile but also encourages local websites to link back to your site for event details, registration, or highlights. Partnering with local councils or community groups for events in towns like Canterbury, Maidstone, or Tunbridge Wells can further solidify your local presence.

7 – Create Local Content

Develop content that interests the Kent community, such as guides to local attractions, highlights of Kent history, or features on local heroes. This content can attract backlinks from local businesses, tourism boards, and educational sites within Kent. By positioning your business as a local authority, you encourage other Kent-based websites to reference and link to your content, enhancing your local link profile.

8 – Engage with Local Influencers and Bloggers

Identify and collaborate with Kent influencers and bloggers who have a strong local following. Whether it’s through product reviews, sponsored posts, or collaborative events, these partnerships can lead to high-quality local backlinks. Focus on influencers in niches relevant to your business and explore opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations that highlight your presence in Kent.

9 – Encourage and Respond to Reviews

To foster a culture of engagement and trust with your Kent-based audience, focus on actively encouraging and thoughtfully responding to customer reviews. This involves:

  • Actively Seeking Reviews: Promptly ask your customers to share their experiences, especially after a positive interaction or transaction. This can be done through follow-up emails, on receipts, or verbally for in-person services.
  • Making It Easy: Provide clear instructions and direct links on where and how to leave reviews, reducing any barriers to submission.
  • Responding Promptly and Personally: Whether a review is positive or negative, a quick and personalised response shows that you value customer feedback and are committed to improving their experience.
  • Addressing Concerns: For less favourable reviews, offer solutions and take the conversation offline if necessary to resolve any issues, showing future customers that you are proactive about customer satisfaction.
  • Utilising Positive Reviews: Showcase positive reviews on your website and social media to build confidence among potential customers.

10 – Create a Local Guide or Resource

Create informative materials for Kent, such as a list of local businesses, a schedule of community events or an interactive guide showcasing the tourist hotspots in Kent. These valuable resources benefit the community and can attract attention from Kent government websites, tourism organisations and other businesses in the area seeking to share helpful information with their followers.


To maximise Local SEO effectiveness in Kent, businesses must adopt a strategic approach encompassing Google Business Profile optimisation, local keyword integration, active social media engagement, and diligent management of customer reviews. Each of these components plays a critical role in enhancing online visibility, engaging the local community, and driving targeted traffic. Given the complexities and ongoing nature of Local SEO, partnering with a digital marketing agency in Kent that specialises in Local SEO can provide a significant advantage.

An experienced agency can offer tailored strategies, industry insights, and the latest SEO techniques, ensuring your business thrives in the competitive Kent market and achieves sustainable growth. Leveraging professional expertise allows you to focus on your business operations while the digital agency navigates the intricacies of Local SEO on your behalf.

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