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Need Content? Ask Your Customers These 6 Great Questions

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If you want to make sales then its vital that you get to know your customers. In every business, there are your highest value customers who you need to get to know on a personal level so you can appeal to their every sense. That is how you retain customers and in turn, make money! Some questions are more relevant than others so make sure you do not waste people’s time. Learn the 6 questions listed in the Search Engine Journal article linked to below and you’ll be making a good start.

Key Takeaways:

  • The web has become a place people go to in order to be informed and entertained.
  • Businesses build pages to attract customers by using those pages to inform and entertain them so as to drive conversions and engagement.
  • When a customer buys a product and is satisfied with it, businesses should do a follow-up email to capitalize on that satisfaction.

“I recently purchased a set of outdoor reclining chairs from Groupon. The whole reason I even discovered these amazing chairs was because another couple that we went camping with brought them and we got to ?test them out.?”

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