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New Facebook Business Page Layout for Mobile : Social Media Examiner

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Facebook has redesigned many of their web services, including the business page, in order to better assist businesses and individuals with their social media endeavors. Some updates of note are the ability to display menus and book appointments on business pages, support based mentor-ship opportunities, and video chat capabilities for some of the games that can be played from the Facebook browser. This article also points out that Snapchat has had an alarming rate of discontinued usage from it’s clientele base, which hints that Facebook might be leading the way in social media services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook has overhauled more than 80 million businesses? pages with the intention of giving users more options for interacting with nearby businesses.
  • The new mentorship feature in Facebook Groups make it easier for new members to find more seasoned users who can help teach and develop them.
  • Facebook has also added video chat options and switched out the share button for a Messenger button.

“On this week?s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore Facebook rolling out a business page redesign on mobile with Andrea Vahl, Facebook bringing mentorship to Facebook groups, and other breaking social media marketing news of the week!”

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