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Online Content Marketing Strategy – How To Plan A Winning Campaign

Whiteboard Online Marketing Ideas

We received an email question from a prospective client last week and they asked if we could explain what a robust online content marketing strategy would entail? Well, in a nutshell, content marketing is where you produce content for your website and social channels and then promote it.

You should aim to create enough high-quality content, at a large enough scale, at the cheapest cost possible, in order to build an active social media following and wide sales funnel. And that’s really how you win the race.

Quality + Low Cost = Scale!

online content marketing strategy in action

An Online Content Marketing Strategy should put humans first – not Google!

You’re creating content for humans first. It is not about trying to get to the top of Google by manipulating Google in any way.

It’s about trying to add value to your potential customer base. That means genuinely helping people with their everyday questions, frequently asked questions, questions that you come into contact with when customers call you.

The benefit is that if you do it right, you often end up at the top of Google as a result anyway.

It’s essential to display how you can help them progress from A to B to C. You want to create a great deal of goodwill in your market and with your prospects, so that other blogs, other news organizations and prospects share your content to the wider world using social media.

Whether that be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever it is, whatever platform, its vitally important that your content not only gets indexed by Google but is shared and is very useful to your potential customer base.

Give your prospects transformational content

That is why we always advise clients to create content from the perspective of what helps and serves their prospects the best. What is it that you can help them with right now that is going to provide them with a transformational change?

Now, that may seem sound like a pretty abstract concept but it’s very simple. It’s a case of demonstrating to your prospects that you can help them get from A to B with some very simple steps.

It can be as simple as solving a very simple problem that they have. An example of that might be a technical problem with their website.

An Example Of A Quality Online Content Marketing Strategy In Action

We work with a wonderful website development agency who do a great job of sharing high quality content for free everyday. They solve the many problems that come with standard WordPress themes.

And through that they generate enormous goodwill because a user will see that content, they will see a blog post for example, they will see a video and they’ll go through that content and solve the actual problem that they’ve been experiencing.

After that they will look further into the blog. They may come across another problem they are having, have it solved and so on and so forth. And through this process of discovering new content and using it to solve real world problems, the website development agency builds trust with those prospects.

They are demonstrating, for free, very simple solutions to problems that will have caused frustrating problems for those prospects for quite some time.

Therefore, through that building of trust, the user is moving along the sales funnel and starting to invest an element of trust in this company.

It doesn’t take much from that point onwards for the company to then make a sale because they have already demonstrated their expertise, they have built up goodwill and rapport and through that, the prospect is therefore much more likely to purchase something.

Once someone is on your site, you can get them in your sales funnel

Now, with that content, obviously that is part of the sales funnel. When it is shared out through social media maybe by other blogs, blog publishers are seeing this content and wanting to inform their users base about it.

That then creates an added bonus which is effectively to help with your Google rankings and overall traffic because Google follows the links and humans click on the social media links and go through to the content.

At that point they’re in a very broad sales funnel from that site. In addition, the backlinks from the combined social media and other blogs writing about your content are all indicating to Google that this content is of value. That this site is adding value, that this site is able to solve people’s problems.

In Conclusion

Now that’s a very generalized explanation of an online content marketing strategy and obviously there’s a lot more that goes into it. However, the above summary hopefully explains why really excellent, high value content can be one of the main generators of improving your search engine results.

In the process you will generate trust in your market with your prospects and develop an engaged and very large social media presence in whatever niche you operate.

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