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How to Overcome 5 Excuses That Kill Entrepreneurship

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Failure is an innate part of entrepreneurship. The fact is, even the best ideas will fail at first. The natural response of defeat is self doubt which will kill every idea before it reaches the proposal stage. So don’t be a quitter. Fight back against the disappointment of inevitable rejection. Remember, it’s happened to everyone that made it at some point.

It will never seem like the right time to start a business because it never is. You can’t call it a failure if you don’t try. Give it a year and a half. If you reach that point and still aren’t making money, take a break and regroup, knowing you’ve given it your best shot.

Starting a business is going to seem hard. That’s because it is. It’s supposed to be hard. The key to success is pushing through failure and rejection and not giving yourself the excuse to fail.

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