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It’s the personal touch stupid!

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OK so the above title is not quite Bill Clinton level “It’s the economy stupid” political sloganeering, but it still rings true for small businesses online. Do you ever ask yourself what makes a small business stand out? Why customers remain loyal in the face of price undercutting from the big boys?

Well it really comes down to your value add and the personal experience dealing with a small business brings. We all know that if we complain to the big behemoth in the sky then really the person at the end of the line at the call centre really doesn’t give a rats ass.

Whereas the small business owner takes any kind of complaint or criticism to heart as they know reputation, both the businesses and their’s personally, is on the line and they need to do something about it.

Project the personal touch

It’s the same online. You need to project the personal touch to your customers and not hide behind the faceless identity making yourself seem bigger than you are. It’s about crafting a story that is both honest and genuine so you connect with the customers you want.

So whether that me through blogging, social networking, the photos you take or the videos you share, it’s vitally important that your personality be front and centre as the new prospect navigates the information about your company.

It was actually the following article that got me reflecting on this as this has always been the advise we give to our SME clients. Take a read and let me know in the comments section what you think:

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