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Product listing ads, digital co-op and the $13 billion opportunity by @AndreasReiffen

Marketing agency staff at work

Advertising and marketing has never been more important in the world that we live in. Now, with social media and all of the digital platforms out there, advertising has become so important. There are many ways in which people go about listing their ads while there are some individuals who cannot seem to grasp the opportunity that is presented to them by social media. There is a $13 billion opportunity that is readily available to some people if they want to take that chance!

Key Takeaways:

  • Co-op marketing is everywhere one tends to look. It has also existed for a far longer time and is more concentrated in non-digital channels.
  • Today, many advertisers have begun to believe that there is potential in digital co-op. Some benefits are a better understanding of where their budgets go and more potentials.
  • Amazon and Google have expanded beyond their comfort zones. Their business have even extended into sponsored products models which is part of the co-op puzzle.

“Co-op’s overall market size stands at $70 billion. But just 20 percent of this is used for digital advertising. Additionally, we estimate that eCommerce pure players spend 80 percent of their budgets on digital channels. Applying this behavior to the wider market unlocks serious long-term opportunity. The gap (from 20 percent to 80 percent) closes. The industry sees a dramatic redistribution of co-op spend, mainly to digital. This leaves $42 billion up for grabs.”

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