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Report: Just 3% of CMOs are currently optimizing for voice search

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QueryClick?s recent survey of 150 Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) found that only 3 percent of CMOS optimize for voice searches, even though Google estimated two years ago that roughly 20 percent of searches were voice searches. Since then Google Assistant has proliferated widely, but voice search optimization clearly has not. Roughly 75 percent of CMOs did say they plan to start adjusting their search engine optimization strategies for voice, although a significant portion of those anticipated the process would take more than a year.

Key Takeaways:

  • While only 3% of marketers say they have optimized their key terms for voice search, most want to in the future.
  • Voice search makes up a large amount of mobile queries, meaning it is imperative for marketers to tailor their products to this.
  • Making these changes could take a long period of time, meaning marketers should begin soon.

“Just two years ago, Google said that 20 percent of its mobile queries were made via voice. At the beginning of this year, Google reported that its voice app, Google Assistant, was available on more than 400 million devices. This, combined with the general rise in popularity of voice-enabled functionality and smart speakers, means that the percentage of search queries made by voice is growing.”

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