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Achieve long-term success for your website by attracting more organic traffic and improving your rankings with our customised SEO strategies.

SEO Maidstone

Were you searching on Google or Bing for a term like “SEO Maidstone”, or maybe “SEO company Maidstone” and wound up here? If so, you’ve just seen good-quality SEO in motion. And the great news is we can make this work for you as well!

As a business owner in Maidstone, one of the best ways to boost your website’s sales or generate more qualified leads is by tapping into the power of Google organic traffic. This is because when people use Google to search for something, they’re often looking for a specific solution to a problem or need. 

Depending on where they are in the customer journey, they could be doing preliminary research, primed to make a purchase, or seeking a consultation for a service. By optimising your website for search engine visibility, you can ensure your business is visible to potential customers when they need you most.

If you’re looking to improve your chances of attracting more customers, it’s crucial to rank high in Google’s organic search results. This is because people place more trust in organic search results than paid Google Ads. They rely on Google to provide them with the most relevant search results. And that’s precisely where we come in – we can provide you with the necessary help to get your site ranking highly in Google’s organic search results.

Urban Bait SEO

Maidstone SEO Company - Kent Centric

As a marketing agency with several decades of experience and achieving top-quality results, we’re committed to helping Maidstone business owners realise their SEO goals. The example above shows how we improved Urban Bait’s rankings for targeted keywords. We increased their rankings for several top 10, top 5, top 3, and 1st places in Google’s SERPs.

We are proud to have helped many clients, such as Urban Bait, see a notable surge in sales. Our proven top-notch Maidstone SEO and website design services achieved this. We provide monthly services to many small and medium-sized business owners. We have increased their leads and sales by growing their business with our search marketing expertise.

 Check out more of our case studies here.

Urban Bait year on year

How Maidstone Centric SEO works

When analysing your website, Google considers a range of indicators that pertain to both the content and structure of your site, as well as external factors that may impact its visibility and authority. These signals can include everything from the quality and relevance of your content to the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your site from other reputable sources.

By evaluating these factors comprehensively and objectively, Google can determine the relevance and value of your site to users and rank it accordingly in search results.

1. Onsite SEO means how well your website is designed, how well it is structured, how easy it is for humans to navigate, how compelling the content is for users and what the content is about. It also looks at how secure the site is, how fast it loads and how quickly Googles’ spider can get around and index all the pages.

2. Offsite SEO relates to how many other websites link to you. It looks at the quality of the sites linking to you, their relevance to your niche and business, and what pages they link to. It also looks at social media signals, where your traffic is coming from, and much else.

3. Local SEO is the process of optimising your online presence to attract local traffic, i.e. those nearby searching for a product or service. 

Our local SEO strategies include optimising your Google Business Profile, finding the best local-related keywords, and creating local content.

Almost 90% of businesses based in Maidstone are what is commonly referred to as micro-sized (89.6%), which means they employ between 0 and 9 people.

These small businesses and medium-sized enterprises can benefit greatly from a well-executed SEO campaign, evening out the playing field to compete with the well-known high street stores and restaurants in popular shopping areas such as Fremlin Walk, The Maidstone Mall, and The Royal Star Arcade.

Any business that has brick and mortar premises, or serves a specific region, can benefit from local SEO.

SEO Services In Maidstone

How we work:

  • Keyword Research – Before beginning any SEO project, it’s essential to determine the keywords that people are searching for in your niche. It may be surprising to find out the various keyword combinations that are used. That’s why it’s necessary to systematically go through all the options and variations during the initial compilation of your keyword list. We will work with you to determine your main objectives and enhance your landing pages. Next, we will aim for the best long-tail keyword combinations through a content marketing strategy.
  • Technical SEO Site Audit – We need to be sure your site code is ticking all the proper technical SEO signal boxes. You’ll be amazed at how many web designers and developers don’t write code in a way that search engines can understand. We will carefully examine your site to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently from a technical standpoint. We will review your website’s meta tags, structured data, security, site speed, crawlability, and other factors. Furthermore, we will collaborate with your web developers to handle any problems, or do the work ourselves. We aim to send the appropriate signals to Google to increase your chances of appearing prominently in organic search results.
  • Competitor Analysis – We will study your competitors to identify their successful strategies for outranking you. This includes analysing the websites that link to them and getting links on the same sites. We will develop a plan to approach reputable websites for link building and avoid sites that may be hurting your ranking. Additionally, we will identify any missed publishing opportunities your competitors have overlooked and create a strategy to capitalise on them.
  • Content Marketing Plan  – After identifying the specific long-tail keywords and publishers we intend to target, we can focus on creating content, a crucial aspect of any SEO campaign. It’s important to produce captivating, informative, engaging, and shareable content. We’ll optimise the content with relevant keywords to boost its search engine ranking. Moreover, we will ensure that the content reads naturally and is easy to comprehend for humans.
  • Relationship Marketing Implementation – After creating your content and mapping out your publishing targets and contacts, it’s time to start building relationships with publishers who will give you the best return on investment. These connections will help you get high-quality links and improve your content’s ranking on Google. We may also use paid social amplification to help your best content reach a wider audience and potentially go viral.
Urban Bait search results

SEO Expert Services

We have summarised the steps we will take to help your business gain more organic traffic of higher quality. SEO can be complicated, and some companies may offer cheap shortcuts. However, we strongly recommend against taking such measures, as Google can impose harsh penalties for violating their terms of service.

Partnering with a local SEO company, such as ours, is a wise investment that yields numerous benefits in the medium to long term. Just like any other investment, the amount you put in determines what you get out of it. A top-notch SEO campaign is a valuable asset that offers long-term returns. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation today, whether you’re a plumber, salon owner, lawyer, dentist, shop owner, e-commerce store owner, or a service provider. We’re here to assist you in generating more leads and sales right away. Let’s kickstart your journey to success today.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Case Study : Smoking Chili Media is committed to providing excellent results, and we always practice what we preach. We work with Urban Bait, a premium fish bait company based in Ashford, Kent, and since we took over the company’s SEO, most of their pages now show on the first page of Google, compared to their previous second and their previous 2nd and 3rd page positions. This has led to an impressive 78% increase in orders.

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