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Explore our comprehensive SEO packages designed to drive your online success

SEO Care Packages:

Our professional monthly SEO package details are below, but prior to starting those we carry out an audit of your site to correct any issues that may prevent your website performing optimally with regard to the search engines. This initial research comprises;
  • The Technical SEO Site Audit lets us investigate the onsite issues that could be hampering your search engine rankings potential. We’ll identify the issues that need to be fixed and prepare a full SEO Compliance Implementation report for your web developers.

  • The Keyword Research Report is the foundation of any SEO campaign. We need to find what your prospects are searching for on Google so we can prepare the content that will satisfy the inquiry and help you appear in the search results. We will identify how many times per month each keyword is searched for in your market and how competitive the search term will be to rank for so we can make an informed decision as to which keywords to prioritise targeting.

  • Finally, the Competitive Research Report lifts the lid on how your competitors are ranking at the top of Google. It enables us to see which publishers they have built relationships with, the relative importance of each backlink source and what opportunities they are missing out on, so a relationship marketing outreach strategy can be devised.

Monthly SEO Packages:

Once the research phase is out the way, it’s time to swing into action.
  • Onsite Optimisation Implementation: We’ll implement the onsite optimisation changes to fix any issues you may have with your site which could be hurting your Google ranking. For example, issues with site speed, mobile usability, security, canonicalisation, 404 error pages, and so on.

  • Keywords and Content: With the website optimised and running to full potential, we’ll then turn our attention to your choice of keywords. We’ll start by optimising the most important existing pages on your website as a first priority. These are typically your main categories. If content needs to be created for these existing pages or for new additional pages, we’ll get to work on that.

    Next, we’ll then optimise your product pages (if you run an eCommerce shop), information pages, and so on. Whatever keywords are left over will then be put into a content calendar to be targeted in the coming months.

    We’ll create an agreed level of content per month for your blog and use it as link bait to help improve your backlink profile and engage with your target audience. Not only that, we’ll promote it on social media channels to enlarge your following and grow your engaged audience.

  • Outreach : Finally, its time to get to work on implementing the backlink building strategy plan (which is the time and budget consuming part of the monthly budget). We’ll use the competitor analysis report to find the best links your competitors are receiving and build relationships with the same, or similar blogs, and websites. In addition, we’ll target the most relevant publications, journalists and bloggers in your niche, build and nurture relationships with them to get you included as a source for upcoming articles.

In Summary

So, the ongoing month to month budget is essentially spent creating engaging content, identifying publishers/journalists who may be interested in writing about it and pitching it to them with the aim of obtaining high-quality backlinks. Throughout we’ll continue to keep your site running at an optimum technical performance level. These collective efforts will build your domain authority and reputation with Google so helping you to rank highly for your target keywords.
And the beauty of it is that by genuinely creating high-quality content and having it shared by the influencers in your niche, your audience will grow naturally in size and more links will flow in as a result.

Pricing and Contracts

Our monthly packages typically start from £1,500 per month for companies serving a national market. Price is relative to your competition and how far behind, relatively speaking, you are compared to your competitors. Sometimes a great deal can be achieved at a lower monthly rate if your website has a big backlink profile and content library and just needs steering in the right direction. Other times we need to be more aggressive with link building to catch up with your competitors in a short space of time and so it will cost slightly more.

We will be able to give you an exact quote once we compare your site with your competitors and look at the keywords in your market. To put it into car racing terms, we need to know what type of race we’re entering before working out what kind of car you need.
Contracts typically start at a minimum of 6 months as the initial changes will take a couple of months to kick in. The lower competition keywords will start to see results in the first couple of months, whilst we continue to work on the more competitive terms. After month 6 we revert to a rolling month to month contract with a one-month notice period.

Local SEO Services

If you’re only targeting local geolocation keywords like “TOWN + your service”, for example, Bromley Plumbers, then our prices starts from £850 per month. Geolocation keywords are less competitive and so we won’t need to be nearly as aggressive as we would in most national SEO campaigns. Again it all depends on the size and backlink profiles of your local competitors.

Call us at 020 3289 5595 or email for a FREE consultation and we’ll be happy to study your competitors and market and find the right price that works for you.
Case Study : Transforming Conservatories achieved a notable increase in new clients after Smoking Chili Media revamped their website.
Case Study : After hiring Smoking Chili Media to comprehensively redesign their website, Victoria’s Shutters experienced a considerable increase in business enquiries.
Call us at 020 3289 5595 or email for a FREE consultation and we’ll be happy to help you.