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Are Social Marketers Focused On The Wrong Metrics?

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The internet is an ever evolving beast (see the bots announcement today by Facebook) and marketers always need to keep up with the same rapid pace of innovation. One area in which some may have lagged behind is the metrics that are tracked to indicate the success or failure of a marketing campaign.

Page views were an alright representation of success in the 1990’s but this outdated tracking tool is still being used by some marketers today. A vine that is shared a million times may only generate 10,000 page views but it has created 1.5M consumer impressions, a positive association not reflected by the page views.

From Instagram to Twitter, there are many new forms of social media that can be used to reach customers, so the first thing to do is determine the proper way of measuring success on different platforms. Measuring different media impacts on the overall impression of a brand is hard but analyzing and tracking data and measuring via unconventional means can help to close the gap.

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