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Social Media Image Dimensions – A Thorough Cheat Sheet Infographic Guide

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Have you ever posted an image to social media and seen it displayed in a way you didn’t intend? Ever slapped your forehead and let out a small groan as you realise the image you’d taken so long selecting had been auto cropped out of all recognition by the social media site you were uploading to? It’s happened to all online marketers and its a good rookie mistake to learn from.

Social Media Image Dimensions 2017

Luckily the good people at have put together this insightful cheat sheet showing all the latest social media photo and graphic dimensions you need to know. It’s worth bookmarking for future reference as it’s a great quick reference guide when you don’t have time to go hunting for the latest developer notes on each given social media platform.

So say goodbye to cropped foreheads, half seen text and more with this oh so handy cheat sheet! And if you want free Photoshop PSD templates so you can quickly resize as you desire, they’ve even provided those for you. Simply click here to grab them all.

Oh, and before I forget, this handy little online tool is an easy way to resize images to fixed dimensions on the fly without having to bother your graphics person.

Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 2017

Social Media Images Sizes Cheat Sheet

Social Media Images Sizes


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