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Do you need help keeping up with social media’s constant changes? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Our team of experts in Kent social media marketing can navigate the world of likes, shares, and retweets on your behalf.

Social Media Agency Kent

Social media marketing is at the heart of doing business on today’s web. One way or another, if you are selling anything online then you need an active, ongoing and engaging social media presence. You need this to build a following, gain greater brand exposure, develop a large prospect list and ultimately make sales. It’s not rocket science, but it is time-consuming. And that’s why you need a social media agency, Kent based, to help you get the most from this great opportunity.

The old days of Wild West SEO and ranking at the top of Google by buying links are long gone (and good riddance!). We’ve always believed (and proven) that, just like in the offline world, if you influence the influencers in any niche then you are well on your way to celebrity and sales.

Social media agency Kent

Social Media & MARKETING Agency IN Kent

How Do You Influence The Influencers?

You demonstrate your expertise, and what better way than having an active and engaged following of people talking about you. Who is going to follow and trust Joe Nobody’s advice if no one else is?

But if we take you from Joe Nobody to Joe Somebody, the celebrity and influence that comes with that, ensures we can leverage that position, so you will always be mixing in the highest peer group circles in your niche.

Celebrity Begets Celebrity.

A well-planned social media marketing campaign opens the doors to media exposure, quality backlinks (which helps important Google rankings) and an army of followers, prospects and sales.

Example campaigns we can run for you:

1. Provide us with your email database, and we can load it into Facebook to drive targeted ads to past customers and prospects to drive all important repeat business whilst, at the same time, increasing the average order value to increase your bottom line.

2. Using that same email database, we can create a copycat audience of potential leads on Facebook. Namely, people of the same age, sex and location as your existing customers but who also have similar income, buying behaviour, interests and hobbies. These highly targeted prospects convert at incredible rates.

3. We will place a Facebook pixel code on your website to target both existing customers and those with the closest matching profiles, buying behaviours and interests. Segmenting your customers and prospects into different groups allows us to target specific offers that best match their buying intent.

Our team here at Smoking Chili Media can help you achieve this.

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The Results Speak For Themselves.

Our local Kent client (the last line in each table) went from a very small social media presence to overtaking long-established brands in this niche, all in just 1 year.

Behind these numbers is the bigger story… an actively engaged audience of followers who help spread the word and also help the Google rankings. Once in the lead, they haven’t looked back.

Social media marketing campaign results

So let us help you leverage a combination of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (to name but a few) so that you become the recognised expert in your niche.

As an established social media marketing Kent agency, our unique blend of SEO processes and systems have taken years to develop and optimise to ensure that you get to the promised land of sales and influence in the shortest time possible.

What Problems Do Businesses in Kent Face?

Small and medium-sized businesses in Kent face several challenges in 2024. Small businesses often encounter intense competition from local and online companies. Differentiating themselves and attracting customers in a crowded market can be a continuous struggle.

Inflation and rising costs of utilities, rent, and materials can squeeze profit margins for small businesses, making it difficult to remain profitable.

Adopting digital technologies and joining online platforms is essential for staying competitive. However, some small businesses may find it difficult to implement digital strategies due to a lack of resources or expertise.

Small businesses may struggle to keep up with the latest technologies, impacting efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement.

That’s where we come in. As an experienced Kent social media agency, we address these challenges for you and will set up custom marketing strategies for social media campaigns on the most appropriate platforms for your business.

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Who Uses Our Social Media Marketing Agency?

Hundreds of happy companies use our agency. Including these guys:

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