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Steve Jobs on life lessons and the marketing wisdom he’s willing to share

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A very interesting read at the below link. Steve Jobs, he of Apple, Pixel and two recent biopics (I’m assuming you’ve heard of him as don’t have time to write a full essay on his life) has left behind some rather insightful marketing lessons for us all. As the master of invention and a great salesman to boot, it’s worth taking these lessons on board.

First up, keep it simple. As easy as it sounds, even he admitted it was complex. To drill the essence of your product or brand into a three to five word slogan is not easy and yet its this simplicity that helped him stand out from all the noise around.

Second that the medium, namely the products Apple created, were the message. Their easy to use simplicity, coupled with the complexity of the tasks they undertook, served as the perfect marketing platform.

Also stated are sell dreams not widgets. This is a big one that we harp on about with clients. Clients get so hung up on the features of their products but we have to get them to step back and think about the benefits and advantage outcomes their products provide to their users. So it’s not that product X has XY or Z capability but that it enables you to do A and B so you can be sitting on the beach doing C.

Anyway a really good read and worth 5 minutes of your time:

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