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Stop Studying SEO, Start Studying Your Target Audience

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When it comes to targeting your audience, sometimes going deep instead of broad will work better for you. The Search Engine Journal recommends getting inside your customer’s heads – what books they like to read, what podcasts or shows they like to take in, and what kinds of workshops and conferences interest them. Once you understand their point of view, you can tailor your ads to them specifically, instead of trying to rely on the broad strokes of SEO.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instead of listening to marketing podcasts, listen to what your target customers are listening to.
  • Find out what kinds of conferences your target audience attends, and go to them.
  • Do an Amazon search to find books that are popular among your target audience.

“There comes a point when an in-house SEO needs to stop paying such close attention to the marketing talking heads and focus more attention instead on the content being consumed by his or her target audience.”

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