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The 3 Facebook Ad Metrics You Aren’t Looking At, But Should Be

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The 3 Facebook Ad Metrics You Aren’t Looking At, But Should Be

The benefit of advertising on Facebook is that you receive an abundance of data. However, the downside of Facebook Ads is also the abundance of data. The data is simply overwhelming! Yet, ignoring certain metrics could get you into trouble because you’ll be missing out on information critical to your marketing campaigns. So which metrics should you be paying attention to, other than the basics? One of them is definitely frequency. The second is the relevance score, which is located in the Ads section. Scores fall between 1 and 10, with higher scores being the most desirable because they benefit your CPM. Finally, look at Video Percentage Watched, which will give you useful stats to help guide you in content creation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook racks up its pennies per impressions of your ad, which means they will try to retarget it to a smaller, detailed audience, and not necessarily to your financisl best interest.
  • Facebook's relevance metric gives users an idea of how on target their ad is with a specific population.
  • Since the relevance score doesn't specify what is triggering the positive response, a review of posted comments may be in order.

“If those metrics start going downhill, it can be hard to diagnose what’s causing it without knowing where to look.”

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