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The 9 Conversion Habits of the World’s Most Successful Bloggers

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The world’s most successful bloggers can influence the masses and amass massive amounts of money seemingly at will. But how do these ultra successful and popular bloggers do it? How do they convert possible readers into fans and followers and then monetise the process so well?

In this post we’re going to explore the nine techniques, identified by John Stevens at, that they tend to employ so you can learn from the best and improve your content marketing strategies.

9 Conversion Habits of Successful Bloggers

1. Opt in sign up forms are a must – Commonly a successful blogger will use more than one opt in box to sign up users emails. Some implement pop up boxes when a user is attempting to leave their site, many will include an opt in box at the end of each blog post, some will include a sign up box in the right hand column of the blog, some as you finish reading an article and attempt to scroll back up a page and some will deploy a prominent opt in form on the homepage.

The key depends on the market and audience you are targeting. In some markets, such as on marketing blogs, an aggressive approach may pay dividends whereas in less commercial spaces like recipe blogs, a pop up hungry strategy would be off putting. As such it’s important to ride the gap between annoying and productive, with not too many pop-up subscription boxes to frustrate your audience, but just enough to be effective. In short “Know thine market!”.

Not sure how to add a pop up opt in form to your blog for free? Then this video tutorial is just the ticket.

2. Focus on Above The Fold content – Successful bloggers also optimize the above the fold parts of their page (the area you see on your screen before you have to scroll) so that you understand who they are, what they are about and what you will learn from them if you stick around. They also include social proof like testimonials and awards, so you’re not just taking their word for it, whilst also providing an easy to understand opt in form that promises a specific outcome.

This example from is a case in point. Note the simple bullet points that first explain their offering before promising a desired outcome. The opt in email box does a great job of explaining what you get (the bribe) in return for your email address.


3. Content is easy to share – They make content easily shareable on different social media platforms, so getting their name out there and earning links to their blog (SEO important). Most people are time poor these days so you need to make it easy and simple for your users to share.

Jeff Bullas does a great job of this on his homepage. Note the left hand social media counter that provides multiple social sharing tools with visual, numerical social proof.

4. Welcome mat overlays – Many successful bloggers also use overlays when you first enter their blog. These overlays allow the user to sign up quickly to whilst explaining the outcomes of why they should. Unsure what I’m talking about? Then watch this short video on how you can install your own welcome mat overlay.

5. Static Homepage – Rather than sending users straight to the latest blog post, a number of successful bloggers now direct users to their homepage and, if the user is a repeat visitor who has been cookied, will personalise the content the user see’s.

6. Social Proof is key – Successful bloggers often get people of authority to vouch for them through testimonials, showing prospects from the get go that they are an authority in themselves on their given subject. In addition they will include media mentions, i.e. As seen on Oprah, Letterman, 

Susan Harrow of is an excellent case in point.

7. Start Here Page – By using a start here page, they give new readers clear instructions about who they are, what the blog is about and where a user should start on the blog depending on their particular situation.

8. Well Designed Footer Area – They utilize the footer of their blog to help drive users to their best evergreen content as well as contact info, social proof and opt in forms.

9. Clear Calls To Action – They use eye catching, color contrasting, calls to action so a user’s eye is drawn to the action the blogger wants them to take, i.e. sign up here, get started now, etc. 

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a greater importance now more than ever on conversion.
  • Keeping consistent and proven habits can make a big difference to a bloggers success.
  • The worlds most successful bloggers got to where they are with discipline and learning about their consumer base.

“Sharing might sound intuitive to us marketers and bloggers, but your average reader might never share your content unless you make it seamlessly easy to do so.”

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