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The Definitive Guide to Voice Search: How to Beat Your Competitors to the Punch

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Approximately 20% of searches are now performed on voice assistants such as Siri or Echo. Many digital marketers are failing to see the importance of focusing on voice searching within their SEO strategy, but there are several aspects related to voice searching that need direct focus. One of these aspects is the importance of micromoments. Micromoments are the small increments of time where an intent is specifically sought out, and utilizing this intent to the advantage of your company can result in direct lead generation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nothing changes the landscape that marketers are used to so much more than the digital marketing world because a new invention or iteration crops up every week.
  • The digital marketing landscape has been changing from blog content to video content, and then to live video. Now, the rage is voice search.
  • The Echo is a robot that listens to you and responds while you ask it any question you want.

“Well, the Echo as a bestseller is just one illustration of how voice search is adapting and what it means for SEO experts and marketers everywhere.”

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