The problem with obsessive rank tracking

There seems to be a problematic trend with some online businesses where they put too much money and focus on keyword rank tracking. The true focus should be on geocentric traffic that follows where people are and the intent of their current search.

If people are searching for a nearby coffee shop, the keyword doesn’t really provide any more insight than that particular consumer being a coffee fan. Google analytics is advertised as a key player in helping businesses track in a more targeted manner, seeing what people really want in the locations they are in.

Keywords only provide a wide spread of data that can be ambiguous. As such businesses need to shape up and get smarter with the way they track.

Key Takeaways:

  • Search Engine Optimization is often focused on achieving high rankings in search results pages but this mindset may steer you wrong.
  • Placing too much importance on your Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) is problematic.
  • Focusing on the right metrics will help you generate results that have a business impact, rather than an ego boost.

“In addition to being hard to accurately track, rankings are also not the best measure of success.”

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