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The State of Searcher Behavior Revealed Through 23 Remarkable Statistics

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I think it’s safe to say that we’re all frustrated by the lack of data that search engines are willing to share about the behavior of users on their platforms. As Marketers, what we really want to know is how they process the billions of queries that run across their servers every month. Also we want to know more detailed information than just how many videos were uploaded to Youtube, or how many people searched for travel information on Google this month. Google will sometimes give a nugget or two of this kind of information, but it’s mostly worthless.

If you’re in this boat and looking for this kind of information, then you should read what Rand Fishkin has to say on about 23 remarkable statistics of search behaviour. Russ Jones, Rand Fishkin and Randy Antin have been working together for half a year answering questions to get the numbers, and running T-Distributions on large data-sets to get accurate clickstream data.

Clickstream data is powerful and, for scale, Jumpshot is a great tool that can deliver said data. Although their mobile data is limited to Android, it has some absolutely amazing insights. Specific information about search behavior will help you know where to put your marketing efforts. Until now, this data has been obscure and virtually impossible to estimate. But, thanks to clickstream we can get around Google’s secrecy and see the data for ourselves.

There’s some amazing information in the article linked to below so do please read it fellow Marketers when you get time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google doesn’t divulge specific, constant information about how they’re doing what they’re doing. They only release data when it highlights an interesting point.
  • Clickstream companies are companies that essentially track all of your data as you browse the internet. They take the data and compile it into reports for marketing companies to analyze.
  • Google doesn’t really let any other competing video sharing sights appear in their search results, but, according to the article below, pays off politicians and representatives to ignore this.

Key Quote:

“Clickstream data is awesomely powerful, but when it comes to estimating searcher behavior, we need scale. Thankfully, Jumpshot can deliver here, too.”

Read the full article:

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