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Top 10 Ways Others Can Promote You

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Top 10 Ways Others Can Promote You

Instead of politely turning away offers to promote you and your small business, Entrepreneur recommends taking these offers up. There are a lot of ways that someone can help promote your business; most of them involve networking and personal involvement. A person offering to help can put up your information in a variety of ways – whether on their own social media platform or in their business. They can also help you form connections to mutual friends and acquaintances that would benefit from your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes well-meaning people offer to help with your business and because you cannot immediately picture how they can do so, you simply smile and demur.
  • One way, however, that you can pounce on offers to help is by letting well-wishers prominently display your ads and other literature and business materials.
  • Other simple 'hdlps' for others to give and for you to ask for include, endorsing your products, nominating you for recognition, and including you in business events.

“Systematic referral marketing helps you do that by determining, as precisely as possible, the types of help you want and need.”

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