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Twitter Video: How to Create Engaging Video Content

Social network marketing

Content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter used to mainly focus on pictures. But in the last few years these social media giants have made it simple and easy to post videos through users accounts. It’s gotten to the point where if I see a still image on my Facebook feed I’m kind of stopped in my tracks (good interruption marketing!) because it’s a pattern break, such is the prevelance of video now on these social channels.

Video Content = Emotional Connection + Reduced Brain Strain + Faster Processing Speed

Videos are considered by many marketers to be the highest quality form of content. In fact psychology plays an important part in the process as the human brain is said to process video 60,000 times faster than text. Think about that for a second. 60,000 times faster. That’s a huge differential in the way the brain processes information.

In addition video requires less of a cognitive strain on those cerebral pathways and creates an emotional connection with the audience. All combined, these are key reasons why video has become so key to online marketing campaigns.

Twitter’s Video Options

Twitter has made some interesting developments in this field over the last year or so. Users now have the ability to:

1. Stream Live Recordings – Great for those intimate “this is where I am, this is what I’m seeing, I think it’s of value to you too dear Twitter follower” moments.

2. Post Pre-recorded Videos – Great for those that like to spend their time in post production ensuring the right message is delivered in the right light with added audio clarity…That’ll be me then.

3. Short Looping Videos – Posting any video under 6.5 seconds to Twitter will ensure they loop it into a never ending, till the end of time, Mobius strip kind of undertaking.

Someone did it to this legendary Darth Vader edit for 10 hours of farcical youtube fun…until the powers that be deleted it.

So far, so off the point. But the key to remember is that videos of under 15 seconds are the best performing kind on Twitter.

If posting to Twitter there are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Mobile Audience Friendly: Creating a video is one thing but creating a video that engages people is completely different. So ensure you optimise your videos so they work on mobile devices. Keep them short and sweet so they engage in the first few seconds…no over elaborate branding intro. Get straight to the point and ensure it’s silent friendly. Captions and subtitles are a must.

2. Welcome Content Suggestions: Let your audience be your guide. Find out what they want to know more about and deliver it. Run polls or simply ask your followers what they are interested in. Maybe its behind the scenes footage or some gap in their knowledge base they need filled. Whatever it is, ask and then deliver.

3. Match Videos to Live Events: Pre-record or live stream from a given event to add your voice to an existing Twitter conversation. Think of live festivals like Glastonbury or the Olympics, how can you chime in with a video that connects?

4. Weekly Videos: Just like TV, if you condition your audience to expect a weekly video that entertains, educates or inspires, then people will tune in for it. Do a little pre-launch promotion, get a bunch of videos pre-recorded and edited and away you go. If you can solve people’s problems in the process then all the better. Research what problems your prospects are having, look in forums, FAQ’s, etc, and go about delivering short videos that solve those problems. Week by week, inch by inch, you build an audience that values and trusts your thought leadership.

5. Say hello to new followers: What better way to build instant rapport than by taking the time to great each new follower with a personalised video. Just be honest and real, no fakery!

Video is a key content marketing strategy that should be employed whenever possible. Find a rinse and repeat process path that works for you so you can create high quality, informative video content at scale but at an ROI friendly price point, and you can take your content marketing to the next level. 

Now relax with 10 hours of the Cantina band from Star Wars on a loop!

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating live and short looping videos to post on twitter is a fun way to share your social activity.
  • The majority of Twitter users will view your media on their mobile device.
  • Letting users suggest your content and aligning content with major events are effective ways to increase your Twitter traffic.

“Using live video lets you capture moments on the go and take advantage of Twitter’s real-time nature.”

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