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Twitter’s Character Limit To See Big Changes Soon

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A big change has recently been instigated by Twitter. They’ve decided to change the character limit on one’s tweets so you no longer need be concerned about the length of someone’s Twitter handle or the url you’re pointing people to.

It’s come as a welcome surprise to many and it may well change how people compose their tweets. It’s a great way of streamlining how people go about using the platform as the main tweet of up to 140 characters will no longer include the number of characters taken up by Twitter handles or urls. In fact you will now be able to tweet at up to 50 handles and includes a URL or an image.

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitters limited count will be changed. The extension gives users 50 auto populated handles as an individual tweet. 140 characters is now the space after the persons reply handle.
  • People shouldn’t jump into conversations where they weren’t invited.
  • The changes to the limit should become beneficial to all Twitter users.

Key Quote:

“As you can see, the 140-character count is now considered in the space after a user’s Twitter handle(s) and before a link whether that URL is an image, GIF or link to a web page.”

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