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Lights, Camera, Action: Joining Moments into Cinematic Masterpieces that Captivate Audiences and Tell Your Story

Video Production

Are you looking for new ways to grab the attention of your market? Are you looking to boost your brand and get new clients? Do you want to add long term value to your business? Then you should think about investing in video. As a Video Production Kent agency with extensive experience of making and marketing quality videos, we could be just the support team you’re looking for!

Above is an example of a recent project for Aperociam, Paris.

Video Production Kent

With the expansion of superfast internet and video-related social media platforms, video is more popular as a way to promote your business than ever before. You can use video to capture the soul and essence of your business and communicate it to prospective customers. Plus, you can use it to make interesting and innovative content that transmits the value and worth of your services.

Above is a short video we recently shot for Cobella.

Video Production Kent Service

How We’ll Work With You:

  • We offer videos in the ranges of 0-1 minute, 1-2 minutes, 2-4 minutes, 4+ minutes.
  • The standard promotional video comes in at under 2 minutes, and showcases your business in action, happy customers and delivers a good vibe. It may feature yourself or someone else talking about your business.
  • In an initial face-to-face meeting with our Kent based videographer, we’ll sit down and discuss your business, your market, your goals and how we can make a video that aligns with these.
  • After the meeting, our videographer will draw up a plan that lays out:
    • An overall concept for the video.
    • The style and aesthetic.
    • The story narrative.
    • The locations, individuals and any assets the video will feature.
    • A shot list.
    • Equipment necessary.
    • Proposed date(s) for shooting.
  • You, the client, propose any alterations or additions you wish, and then we both sign off on the plan.
  • And then the fun part. Making a video is creative, collaborative and a lot of fun.
  • With the delivery process, we pre-agree a deadline for providing the first cut of the video. At this stage, you, the client is invited to make any suggestions and revisions. You will then have two further opportunities to request revisions or changes before the final cut.
  • The final video is delivered to you.

Here are some further work samples to take a look at.

London Tech Week 2018
Here is a quick slick sizzle reel from our videography of various conferences at London Tech Week.

Classical pianist Ieva Dubova GoFundMe campaign
This is a video we made for the talented classical pianist Ieva Dubova for her GoFundMe campaign.

Artist Jessica Carlisle
This is an ‘artist in her studio’ type promotional video for artist Jessica Carlisle.

So if you’re looking for a video production Kent based agency with the required filming and marketing expertise, we invite you to contact us today.

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