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Want to measure customer feedback using Twitter? This new tool will help

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Twitter have just announced the release of Twitter Polls, a new feature that let’s you get customer feedback in a far more straight forward way than previous options available on the service. You’ll be able to pose questions to your followers like “Do you think continued UK EU membership will be good or bad for your business?” and then have an A/B (yes/no) poll for users to vote on. The poll will remain live for 24 hours and those taking part will be able to do so privately.

It’s a good addition for anyone with an engaged Twitter following. A local cake shop, for example, could pose a new product idea and have regular customers vote on whether they think the new flavour combination would work.

So its perfect for anyone with a lab testing environment to test ideas with their userbase. We’ll be testing it out this week with our clients so stay tuned.

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