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Want to Get Higher Tweet Engagement? We Analyzed 23,858 MarTech Tweets (And Busted Some Old Myths!)

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If you are hoping to get the most from your Twitter marketing efforts then the research contained in the article linked to below is well worth a read. Adespresso teamed up with AI company MindTitan to crunch through and analyse close to 24,000 Tweets in order to find the optimal way to grow an engaged Twitter following. It makes for some very interesting reading.

According to the research:

1. You should make sure that you send 8-10 tweets a day. This will ensure that most of your followers will see at least one of your tweets. You will want to make sure to space them out at specific times of the day (see point 5 below).

2. Over 33% of the best performing accounts use follow/unfollow tactics. The research doesn’t specify whether that is using tools like StatusBrew or not, but I would presume so.

Whilst the tactic is highly efficient, the data suggests that it does lead to lower engagement rates. After all a bot with a follow back script installed may not be all that interested in your latest great blog post given it can’t read, hasn’t been instructed to read/take other actions and given it’s not true AI at this point in time.

3. If you begin your Tweets with words like “Thanks,” “Top,” “We,” “Congratulations,” “Learn,” and “Great”, then you are statistically on the road to higher Tweet engagement. (Cue a slew of marketers changing their Tweet intros and massively skewing these results in the course of the next month! – Ed.)

4. If you mention 4 other Twitter accounts in your Tweets, you should enjoy a 335.7% higher average engagement rate. So please feel free to include @smokingchili and my personal @alireynoldsscm so I can see if you’ve even read this far into this post.

5. The optimal Tweeting times are:

a. during the morning journey to work (when everyone on the Metro is doing everything possible not to interact with the actual humans crushed in like sardines next to them and need something to read),

b. just before lunch (because everyone is bored silly of their work but need to keep up the pretense of still working at their desk and so scroll through Twitter with that deep analysis “I’m still working hard here Boss” frown on their foreheads),

c. the evening commute (see reason for point a but this time with add body odour),

d. between 9pm and midnight (because you’ve talked your day over with your better half, put the kids to bed and now need to get on Twitter to find out what strangers think of x, y, z thing on TV/the news/random thoughts/etc).

6. You can re-post something up to 7 times and still get good engagement although the laws of diminishing returns kick in thereafter.

So, in summary, if you want to Tweet out this blog post and enjoy the greatest engagement rate you should write something like the following and Tweet it at 7.45am, 12.45pm, 6.45pm and 9.30pm for two days running:

Great Post! Want to Get Higher Tweet Engagement? We Analyzed 23,858 Tweets (And Busted Some Old Myths!) @smokingchili @alireynoldsscm @insertname @insertname

Key Takeaways:

  • 8 to 10 Tweets a day is good. Too few and too many, not so good.
  • Tweeting during the commuting hours, pre and post main meals is optimal for eyeballs and thus engagement.
  • Mention people in the Tweet who either wrote the article you’re tweeting, had a part in the article you’re Tweeting or specific followers who you think will enjoy the Tweet.

“The best times to tweet are the morning commute, the time before lunch, the evening commute, and between 9 p.m. and midnight.”

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