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We Tried Instagram Story Ads. This is What We Learned

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We Tried Instagram Story Ads. This is What We Learned

Earlier this year, Instagram made the Instagram Story ads feature available to its business accounts. Hootsuite then ran a series of trials to test the new format. From this, they learned to always start with existing content. Why put time and money into content creation when you can repurpose previously shared information and see the type of engagement you get from it? Re-engagement is effective because you are going after people you know are already interested. While this is often overlooked, it’s critical to pay attention to the recommended ad specs. Because Instagram Story ads have specific requirements, understand what they are before creating new content. With Instagram’s growing number of users and audience targeting available on Facebook, Instagram Story ads are definitely worth trying.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep in mind that live action videos are more effective than graphic videos, which are shown to break up the user experience
  • Already existing fans are more likely to engage with the content, which opens up opportunities to retarget your Facebook audience to Instagram with a Story ad
  • Since over 80% of social network users access from a mobile device, it is important to optimize your ad for a mobile experience

“Instagram Story ads are a fun way to reach new audiences on social. With audience targeting features made available by Facebook, along with Instagram’s growing user base, these ads are definitely worth a try.”

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