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We’ll Transform Your Website Into a Sales Machine

Do you know your current website design may be driving away potential customers? Don’t continue to lose sales due to hidden blocks hindering your website’s performance. Our team can identify these obstacles and provide a strategic design to boost your conversion rates significantly. 

At Smoking Chili Media, we offer web development services to get your website in front of your ideal customer at the best time, when they are ready to buy. Our web design team has 28 years of combined experience designing websites in numerous niches, including construction services, dentists, and health spas, to name just a few. 

Here we will describe the benefits of our web development and explain why we are the ideal partner to help you boost your online sales.

Let us help you turn your website into a powerful tool that attracts customers and turns visitors into clients.

Are You Concerned That Your Website Looks Just Like Everyone Else's?

In today’s digital world, having a website that stands out from the competition is more important than ever. A unique webpage not only catches the eye of potential customers but also creates a memorable experience that keeps them engaged. At Smoking Chili Media, we specialise in creating bespoke website designs tailored to your brand identity. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your business goals and target audience to deliver a website that is visually striking and optimised for maximum engagement. With our help, your brand will shine brighter and leave an impression on your audience.

Our Web Design Process

01. Discovery and Research

First, we will have a meeting either in person or over Zoom or Skype to understand your business, goals, and target audience.

We will research the industry, competitors, and latest trends relevant to your market.

We develop detailed visitor profiles to represent the distinct types of users who will interact with the website.

We plan the content needed to meet your user’s needs and support SEO.

We then develop a sitemap to outline the structure of the site and use wireframes to establish the layout of each page.

02. Design Phase

We design the visual style of the website and make sure it matches your brand identity. This includes selecting the best colour schemes, fonts, and layout structures.

Using tools like Adobe XD or Sketch. we create detailed mock-ups of the website so you can see how it will look on various devices.

When ready, we will present the designs to you for feedback and make any modifications based on your input.

03. Development Phase

We convert the final designs into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, checking that the site is completely responsive and optimised for all devices.

On the back end, we implement server-side functionalities and incorporate databases if needed.

We populate the website with useful engaging content. optimised for search engines and conversions.

04. Testing and Quality Assurance

We check all features and scripts to ensure they function correctly.

We make sure the site is user-friendly and meets the standards necessary for a good user experience.

We’ll then test the performance, optimise loading times, and ensure all aspects of the site are secure from potential threats.

05. Launch

We work through a final checklist before the site goes live, which includes SEO, device compatibility and browser consistency.

Once we are satisfied everything is in order, we install the website on a live server.

We monitor the website’s performance and fix any issues that arise immediately after launch.

06. Post-Launch and Maintenance

After launch, we gather user feedback and monitor how users are interacting with the website through analytics.

Ongoing, we regularly update the website with improved features, add updated content, and boost user engagement.

We can perform regular maintenance, so the website remains up to date with the latest search engine standards and technology updates.

WEB DESIGN Case Studies

Victoria’s Shutters

A 24% Increase In Enquiries

After hiring Smoking Chili Media to comprehensively redesign their website, Victoria’s Shutters experienced a considerable increase in business enquiries. The redesign focused on improving user experience and the site’s visual appeal and optimising it for search engines. As a result, the company saw a surge in website traffic, leading to a 24% increase in enquiries from potential customers. The new website effectively showcases their high-quality product range. We also made sure we emphasised their expertise in fitting and supplying shutters and their exceptional customer service. We made it easier for visitors to contact the company. The makeover boosted their online presence and significantly contributed to their business growth.
Transforming Conservatories

A 28% Increase In Sales

Transforming Conservatories achieved a notable increase in new clients after Smoking Chili Media revamped their website. This digital makeover included streamlining the navigation, improving the layout, and integrating responsive design, which combined improved the user’s experience and their engagement with the company. Consequently, the company welcomed nineteen additional clients compared to the previous year. We also worked on the brand’s identity and managed their email marketing and social media. These strategies have expanded Transforming Conservatories’ client base and strengthened their market position.

Do You Need a Website Fast and On Budget?

We believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to have a professional website, which is why we offer affordable solutions that won’t compromise quality. With our efficient process, you can expect to have your website up and running in no time, so you can start seeing results faster. 

Our design process is streamlined to ensure that your website is visually stunning and highly effective in converting visitors into customers. So, whether you’re looking to launch a new website or improve an existing one, we’ve got you covered.

What Makes Smoking Chili Media Different?

Your online business relies almost entirely on your website. Unlike most design agencies, we are also SEO experts. In our coding, we prioritise user experience and SEO markup code.

There’s little point in building a website, however good it looks, if no one can find it. Correct SEO-optimised code, site structure, speed, and security are essential for SEO. It helps you rank highly in Google in the shortest time possible.

Failing to build a site with solid foundations results in problems as your business grows. These are not headaches you need, whether that’s little search engine traffic, security concerns, or customer data hacks.

So, working with people who have been there, done it and lived to tell the tale is essential. We are those people.

Let Our Kent Web Design Services Work For Your Business

We are passionate about unlocking your business’ potential and elevating your brand to new heights. Don’t settle for mediocre web design. Contact us and let our web design experts help you achieve your goals.

Web Design FAQS

Effective web design is grounded in balancing aesthetic appeal and functionality. Essential principles include:

Usability: The site must be easy to navigate, with an intuitive layout and navigation paths.

Responsiveness: The design must work well on various devices and screen sizes, adjusting the layout and content accordingly.

Speed: Optimising website speed for quick loading times is paramount, as it impacts user engagement and SEO.

Visual Hierarchy: Important content should be prominent, guiding users through the site’s content in a fluid, natural way.

Content Quality: Clear, concise, and valuable content is essential for engaging users and inspiring them to return.

Mobile responsiveness is vital in web design, as a substantial percentage of web traffic comes from mobile devices. A mobile-responsive design provides an optimal experience across different devices, improving usability. It also positively impacts SEO rankings, as search engines favour mobile-friendly websites.

SEO best practices in web design involve:

Optimised Content: Using relevant keywords naturally within high-quality, original content.

Meta Tags: Implement descriptive title tags and meta descriptions with targeted keywords.

Load Times: Ensuring the site loads quickly, as speed is a ranking factor for search engines.

Mobile-Friendliness: Having a responsive design to cater to mobile users.

URL Structure: Using SEO-friendly URL structures that are easy to understand and include keywords.

Colour theory affects aesthetics, usability, and user psychology in web design. Different colours evoke different emotions and actions from users. For example, blue communicates trust and reliability, making it popular for business websites, while green is often used for environmental and wellness-related sites. Choosing the right colour palette can enhance user engagement and improve the site’s effectiveness.

Accessibility in web design refers to websites made usable for people of all abilities and disabilities. This includes providing text alternatives for non-text content, making all functionality available from a keyboard, and ensuring users can easily navigate and understand the site. Designing for accessibility improves the user experience for everyone. Besides, it’s a legal requirement in some areas to provide accessible web services.

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