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What Happens to SEO When You Stop Blogging?

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The author has blogged for ten years, and receives traffic on his old posts — but yet, still continues to blog. This is partially because he loves it, but also because Google and other search engines value fresh content. The more frequently you update your site, the more often Google’s bots will look at it — and the higher it will appear in search engine results. Quitting blogging for an extended period of time, according to hard data, will hurt your site’s performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • If the majority of your web traffic comes from older blog posts, it’s often difficult to see why fresh content is important.
  • One blogger’s experiment revealed that when he stopped blogging for 8 months, his traffic dropped dramatically.
  • Clearly, fresh content is crucial to maintaining traffic — and consistency is perhaps even more central.

“It?s hard to dispute that Google does indeed show preference to sites with consistently fresh content.”

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