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What is demand generation marketing?

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It has always been the marketing strategy of most businesses to funnel leads into their sales funnel and onto their sales teams. Even today businesses are still using this same strategy. The idea has been to funnel the target market into sales funnels and let sales people sort through and figure them out.

Are you using the right sales funnel process?

So the goal was to get as many of these leads as possible. After all, if someone has expressed an interest in your topic that you’re talking about, then there’s a good chance for sales. It seems to make sense, right?

But sales people often find that this machine overwhelmed them with poor leads. If you are seeing this same situation, then you know that this will create a major problem for your sales people in prioritizing which leads to focus on. Your sales people will waste time on leads that never convert and miss leads that could have converted.

So how do you get your sales people focused on leads that deserve proper time and attention? The right marketing automation platform is the answer. Getting a prospect to become a customer, then getting repeat business should be all organic and natural flowing, so it doesn’t seem like a machine is running everything. Marketing automation such as Act-On which uses inbound tactics will accomplish this for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marketers that want to sell their product need to continuously change and adapt depending on the market to engage prospective buyers.
  • Know what is and isn’t working as you are contributing to current demand. If the result isn’t what you want then you should be market researching and changing.
  • You need to know what the buyer needs and wants in order to target the market as trends are always evolving and people are continuously wanting more.

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