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What We Learned from Our Top-Performing Social Media Posts

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Are you struggling to have a rinse and repeat winning social media formula? Do some social posts fly with retweets, likes and shares whilst others die a stone cold death? If you’re in this boat you might want to look back over your content and look for patterns amongst the content that had high engagement against that which didn’t. 

The following points are all the result of a deep analysis performed by the social media team. 

Takeaways from High Performing Social Content

1. Short Copy Wins – Generally speaking, summarizing complex text can be difficult, but it is important to be very concise with the content you curate, especially in headlines and titles. In other words, short and sweet wins the race.

2. Be True To The Content You Share – If you know that you have good content, there is nothing wrong with sharing the same post twice. Think about how you can appropriately simplify and/or change the title the second and third time round when reposting.

3. Numbers Rule! – Social content and posts that have numbers in the title perform extremely well. It helps to shorten the title and is easier for the viewer to skim.

4. What’s In It For Me? – For a post to be successful, the audience/viewers will want to know what they will get from taking the time to read the post. Make sure that audience knows from the get go how they will benefit from reading your post. Think the features, benefits, advantages copywriting paradigm.

5. Test New Social Formats – Trying out new ways to format your content is a valuable way to repurpose what you already have, while testing what does and doesn’t work. Can you make a funny animated gif out of a longer video? Could you repurpose a team discussion via Facebook Live? How will you know until you test, analyse and adapt?

6. We Are The Robots…Not – Sorry to go all Wayne’s World on you there, but we are still in the age of the human (just) so be true to yourself and your team. Provide a value to your audience by being human and relatable.

7. Everyone Loves Free Stuff – People love getting free stuff so offering giveaways is an easy way to have your audience engage with you.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most effective and user friendly social media posts are more often than not short.
  • Including how the audience gains from a post will increase its effectiveness.
  • Giveaways are always great to attract attention to a cause and your platform.

“These days, you don’t need a film degree to make an excellent social media video.”

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